Sustainable Solutions

Our mission at Green Care is to provide cost-effective, environmentally responsible maintenance solutions. We invest in continuing education for all staff members on cutting-edge products and new solutions in sustainability. Our dedicated team strives to integrate sustainable products and practices into our pool and landscape maintenance services by focus on reducing our environmental footprint in these areas:

Water Conservation

It is more important than ever to conserve our most precious resource. We work with clients to reduce usage and raise efficiency.

Utility Usage

Saving energy saves money. We provide energy saving products and practices to reduce your energy costs.


We purchase eco-friendly, orgainc products from our vendors to keep your foliage healthy and lush.

Pool Sanitation

Sustainable pools are becoming widespread in America. They provide a healthier option for both swimmers and the environment.

Please review our list of sustainable products and services.



  • O3 and UV Sanitizers
  • A&A Manufacturing G4 Vinturie In-Floor Cleaning System
  • Chemical Monitoring and Feeding Systems
  • LED Pool Lights
  • Solar Thermal Heating
  • Salt Water Pools
  • Variable Speed Pumps
  • Water Evaporation Chemical


  • Bio-Fuel
  • LED Landscape Lighting Systems
  • MP Rotator Irrigation Nozzles
  • Organic Fertilization
  • Permeable Pavers
  • Smart Timers
  • Water Conservation